About Ouch

Ouch's mission is to use artificial intelligence and video technology to give professional level, targetted advice to users, and provide a suite of digital tools for dentists to aid in diagnosis, improving communication with patients, streamlining surgery and admin time and much more.

As the world reels in the wake of this global pandemic, many industries are going to have to adapt to a different way of operating. Ouch provides the perfect solution for the dental industry.

Dentistry is not an obvious candidate for remote solutions but Ouch's tools will help streamline the patient process through thorough chatbot triaging, integrated video communication and advice.

Dentist chatbot dental advice and diagnosis
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Designed by dentist for dentists

Ouch was founded and built by London based dentist, Andrew Bain. The chatbot started life in 2019 as a fun artificial intelligence side project. However as Andrew sat at home during COVID-19 lockdown triaging patients over the phone, he began to understand the value of remote dental care and how this AI could play a huge role.

Once dental surgeries reopened the need for remote care options and a more efficient workplace became clear. Ouch the dental platform was born.

Andrew works very closely with his dental colleagues, administrative staff, practice owners and practice managers to make sure Ouch's features are a perfect fit for the evolving world of Dentistry.

Founder Andrew Bain

Andrew trained at Bristol University and graduated in 1997, winning various prizes and serving as President of the Student Society. He completed his Vocational Training in Croydon and has been working as a General Dental Practitioner in London ever since.

He is interested in all aspects of dentistry and believes in a preventative, ethical approach to achieving healthy mouths. He has a keen interest in diagnosis and a passion for communicating the knowledge that he has learned which has inspired him to build Ouch.

His full stack tech skills include Javascript, Python and PHP and he has a huge passion for machine learning and artiifcial intelliegence and their applications in healthcare.

Andrew Bain dentist and founder of Ouch AI